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Passionate about our products, dedicated to our customers

Passionate about our products. Dedicated to our customers.

We train you. We cook with you. We support you!

Whether you're starting a business in the Hog Roasting sector for the first time, or you're a more experienced outside caterer, we believe we offer the most comprehensive range of innovative, professional Hog Roasting equipment throughout the UK and indeed Europe

Our top-of-the-range equipment is coupled with superior support! Unmatched personal service when you need it, after sales care and technical support, business support and marketing services

Steve Cullum's Spit Roast Machines - The Elite Spit Roast Machine

The Elite Spit Roaster

The first choice where presentation and the theatre of a hog roast turning is paramount

Unrivalled presentation on the top-of-the-range Elite Machine, producing excellent spit-roasting and un-rivalled results with crunchy mouth-watering crackling and delicious succulent pork

Guarantees perfect results every time

The Elite will cook a pig up to up to 85 kilos (head-on), or 100 kilos (head-off), enabling serving up to 300 guests

The Elite Hog Roaster - The UK's largest Hog Roast machine

The Elite Hog Roaster

For convenience where ease of cooking and perfect crackling is the order of the day

The hog roaster has been designed to handle a pig or a variety of meats where no electrical supply is needed. You can simply cook on a beach or in the middle of a forest. It really is that easy!

The pig cooks in the bottom of the machine and when ready is simply lifted to the carving position with the help of 2 simple but strong support bars

Training of your staff couldn’t be easier either as this is by far the simplest way of cooking a Hog


Gain invaluable inside information from our seminars

I stand by the quality of design & build and my commitment to real customer service

Whichever option you choose you can rest assured that this is an Elite professional roasting machine that performs all the time, every time

I personally guarantee it!

Steve Cullum

Steve Cullum
Managing Director