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Big 5 Catering

Featured Testimonial

From my first contact with Steve Cullum I had a sense that I would be in good hands. Steve provided a one stop shop for me to set up my South African BBQ and hog roast business, from the purchase of equipment to graphic design work and building my website. The service didn’t just stop after I received the goods either, as Steve stuck to his word in providing me with the necessary training and insight into using the equipment safely and by maximising my return on the investment

I would have no problem in recommending Steve Cullum Spit Roast machines, as from what I’ve seen, they are by far a superior product to anything else on the market. The attention to detail and thought that’s gone into the development, not only of the machines, but the trailer, carving stand, rotisserie, hog tray and griddle plates, has really impressed me. I look forward to my next purchase!

Darren Andrews

Darren Andrews

Big 5 Catering

BBQ & Hog Roast – South African Style!

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On a personal note, I have always found Steve and his staff to be friendly, helpful and available, which has meant a lot during the early days of my business. I would have no hesitation in recommending a Steve Cullum Spit Roast machine, or by that matter, Steve Cullum himself

Yorkshire Coast Hog Roasts

We have nothing but praise for Steve and his team, we have only to pick up the phone if we have a query or problem, or just need some advice or a chat and the response is immediate

It is reassuring to know that we have back-up whenever we need it from professional friendly people

Nigel & Julie Langley – Yorkshire Coast Hog Roasts

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The Hampshire
Crackling Hog Roast

Buying my Hog Roast equipment through Steve Cullum was the best decision I could have made, the equipment is second to none and Steve's assistance and after sales service is beyond the call of duty, nothing is too much trouble

Ross McInally –The Hampshire Crackling Hog Roast

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The Gourmet Pig Roast Co

I must say Steve that both Sally and I really enjoyed your seminar we attended recently.

We were both looking forward to the day before we arrived and we were certainly not disappointed.

Sally was particularly interested in talking to existing experienced spit roasters and this coupled with your excellent marketing advice was invaluable to us in helping to grow our new business.

I must also say that, as you know, you recently invited me to a complete roasting event to cook with you at a wedding function of yours recently. I obviously learned much more than I could possibly learn from a one day seminar but the help, advice and hand-on experience was invaluable and it was on that basis that I purchased your machine.

As you know, I have over the years, cooked on many hog roasting machines and without doubt the Elite is the best I have used and it was obvious listening to your attendees that they have found the pitfall of using other machines made by different manufacturers.

I would recommend you and your Elite to anyone who is considering which machine to buy and I can safely say that the backup and support offered by you and your team has proven very useful to us both

The Elite is without doubt the Elite of roasting machines – there's no doubt about it!

David & Sally Cook – The Gourmet Pig Roast Co

The Seasoned Sausage Co.

Hi Steve.

We did our first hog roast on the new Elite on Saturday for a wedding in Tonbridge Wells. In addition to the hog roast we cooked a lamb and provided a BBQ so we had a very busy weekend of cooking!

Steve arrived at my house in Surrey at tea-time on Friday and showed us how to mount the pig onto the spit-pole. He made it look so easy and he did this in a matter of minutes

Early the next day we collected the pig from the butchers shop and once on-site Steve then demonstrated his scoring techniques and this made a massive difference to the crackling once we started cooking

You stayed with us all day and helped carve the pig early in the evening and the whole event was a complete success

I would like to put on record that Steve’s support and experience was invaluable to us and he calmly controlled the hog roast day to ensure that not only myself but my staff were trained in a very professional manner

Thanks for your service and the support is second to none. We look forward to ordering our second Elite as soon as possible and to working with you again in the future

Dan & Mel – Seasoned Sausage Co.

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The Lincs Hog Roaster - Slow Roasted Perfection

I have to say that having scoured the internet looking at hog roast machines, we decided to attend one of Steve Cullum's seminars, it was very informative and although there are many cheaper machines available on the market, I doubt the quality of them even comes close to Steve's machines, but that's not the issue, having done our first roast on the 9th April, without the hand-holding and support provided as part of the package I can only imagine what a disaster it might have been!

There is a lot more to roasting a pig than you might think and the thought that we could have bought a machine on e-bay and then have had to try and muddle through on our own, is quite frankly terrifying!

I genuinely believe you cannot begin to put a price on the support provided by Steve, it allowed us to deliver a quality roast, while maintaining calm and composure while at the same time learning from the best

Thanks again Steve!

John Martin & Richard Nightingale – Lincs Hog Roaster

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Celtic Hogs - Scotland's Favourite Hog Roast

Celtic Hogs would like to personally thank Steve Cullum for his superb service and technical support during the purchase and setup of our Hog Roast Company

We attended the January 2017 seminar and listened to what we were advised on

The promise of Steve’s technical support was offered at the seminar and once a purchase had been made it was clear he was a man of his word! The Elite machine was purchased, a custom trailer was made and the delivery was arranged

On completion of the delivery, Steve personally attended a Wedding Fair in Peterhead (North East Scotland) and worked and instructed me on the whole process from preparation to delivery

From a marketing prospective, the Celtic Hogs website was also generated by Steve and is showing to be a great success with the amount of hits we've been receiving

All in all, a great service from planning to delivery and Steve and his team are great to work with

We at Celtic Hogs would recommend this to anyone looking for the complete hog roast experience to get in contact with the industry leader Steve Cullum's Spit Roast Company. Celtic Hogs are now an established Hog Roast Company thanks to the input from Steve and his dedicated team

Michael Findlay

Elizabeth & Michael Findlay – Celtic Hogs, a division of Moo “N” Chew Ltd

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Hog Roasts From Scratch - Throughout the Midlands

Hi Steve

Thanks ever so much for inviting me to your Hog Roasts at the weekend

Apart from thoroughly enjoying myself I was impressed with both of the 2 jobs and in particular as you know, I wanted to see your new oven lid in action

I have to say it cooked the potatoes perfectly and I’m certain that this will be my next purchase from Steve Cullum’s Hog Roast Machines!

Your service of cooking with clients who have purchased your equipment is really great and I can certainly recommend it to anyone starting up in the industry, particularly for the first time

My first job (on my own) is only a matter of a few weeks away and I am now really confident that it will be a complete success with your help and training and that Scratch Cooking Caterers will be able to deliver a quality hog roast to customers in and around the West Midlands Area

Thanks for your time and advice, nothing short of amazing!

Speak soon, John

John Millard – Hog Roasts From Scratch

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Crispy Crackling Pigs - The Hog Roast Specialists

Hi Steve

I thought I would drop you a line to thank you for inviting me at the weekend to help you do the 2 Hog roasts for your own clients at the golf course’s 20th Anniversary and the 21st Birthday Party at the farm

The experience was nothing short of fantastic!

Not only did we do 2 totally different types of jobs but I learned absolutely loads about preparing a pig on a spit and how to score it once inside the machine as well as how to string the legs so nothing could come loose during the cooking process

Once we started cooking together the lift on the crackling and the blistering process was also a wonder to behold and when finished the pig with the head on looked absolutely amazing too

I was also impressed with the ease you have with your golf club client and they seemed to just leave everything to you and I could tell that they had total confidence in your ability to produce an amazing hog roast for 150 guests

I have been to many hog roasts myself but without doubt this was the most professional one I have seen and when we carried the pig into the room on a carving stand, this was very, very impressive

Thank you for also showing me how to carve and it was interesting to see how you comfortably carved 150 plated meals from a 65 kilo pig

The job the next day was as you said it would be - totally different and now cooking in a tray and serving 100+ guests as well as serving Jacket Potatoes with the oven lid was brilliant too. I particularly liked the way you spent your time advising me how to foil the pig and I couldn’t believe you could produce crackling around 1in thick, which by the way was delicious

Mixing the dripping with the cooked stuffing was to die for and everyone was very happy, with many of them coming back 2 or 3 times for more!

I think the most important thing was to spend all weekend with you and your advice and time spent together was not only really appreciated, but I now feel totally confident that Crisp Crackling Pigs will be a very professional hog roast company in the Milton Keynes area with your invaluable advice

Thanks again Steve and I will let you know how I get on with my next few jobs

Absolutely Brilliant!
Thanks again, I’ll be in touch…

David Rowley – Crispy Crackling Pigs

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HOGi, HOGi, HOGi! - Fantastic Hog Roasts throughout South Wales

Thank you very much for your assistance with my public event hog roast last Saturday!

Your expertise and tips in preparing the pig that you have gained over many years was invaluable. It certainly made the day a lot less stressful that someone of your experience was on hand.

Thanks again for making the 500 mile round trip to Cardiff and becoming an honorary Welshman for the day!!

Iwan Gwynedd – HOGi HOGi HOGi

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The Prize Pig - The best in the South West

Before beginning our business we attended one of Steve's seminars which proved so helpful and addressed lots of issues we hadn't even thought of

Although we spent a considerable time afterwards setting up the business there was no "hard sell" and Steve was always available to answer questions and give advice

The machine is without a doubt one of the best on the market and the feedback we have received from clients has been so good

Steve also travelled from Grimsby to our first event in Bristol to help and advise, I'm not sure how well we would have managed without this support, in fact we managed to get repeat business from that first hog roast

I would, without hesitation, recommend both the machine and the support offered by Steve and would be happy to respond to any questions potential buyers may have

Chris and Rachel

Chris and Rachel – The Prize Pig

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Delivering an authentic & rustic hog roast experience

We cannot recommend Steve Cullum's training day highly enough. Steve kindly invited us to help at a wedding reception in York. Steve was clear, patient and informative in showing us how, what and when to prepare each stage of a spit roast pig. We were walked through the process of hosting a successful hog roast.

The day was crucial to our business and development; but it was also a lot of fun and an opportunity to meet fellow hog roasters!

Steve has an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience, we are pleased to know he is on hand and always at the end of the phone to help if we are faced with an unexpected challenge. Thanks Steve!

Alison Evans – The Artisan Hog Roast Company

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